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Exposing a child to English at an early age results in much easier and better fluency than if they learned it later in life. Young children have the ability to hear and reproduce new sounds naturally making language acquisition easier.

That is why, at Colegio Oxford we expose our pupils to English since the very moment they join us. They have plenty of opportunities to listen to and experiment with language in different, fun and memorable ways. That means they acquire the language in a sub-conscious way through games, songs, rhymes, chants and enjoyable routines during Preschool.

Once they reach Primary School, our literature based instruction approach immerses our schoolgirls into authentic literature works which not only provide natural contexts to acquire vocabulary and grammar, but also help them be better readers, writers, speakers and thinkers.

During Junior High, students are instructed in English in different subjects such as physics, biology, history and chemistry, experiencing a true language immersion.

For us it is important to monitor our students’ progress in the development of language competencies. Therefore, we give extreme importance to Cambridge Certifications: KET in 6th grade and PET in 8th grade. This assessment evaluates not only grammar, but also the 4 language skills: writing, reading, speaking and listening, at a critical thinking level.